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I first became obsessed with storytelling while studying acting at Northwestern University. Through the art of becoming someone else, I became an expert at finding the point of relation between myself and others. It taught me that with the right perspective, one can find a piece of themselves in anything.

But not everyone immediately connects with the media they consume, which is why I try to bring that human element to everything I create. Because no matter who you are, I believe the things that move us the most are the ones in which we find humanity - in which find ourselves.

Fluent in multiple storytelling mediums - music, film, photography, design, and performance - I bring a refreshingly holistic perspective to every story I tell. That's why I'm here: to match content with form in order to tell your story in the way it's meant to be received.

Services & Clients

Art Direction

Holistic art direction services: Brand positioning consultation, visual branding, graphic design, production design.

Clients: McDonald's, Coors, BiC, SKYY Vodka, Emerson, Wyndham.

Content Creation

Content strategy, capture, and editing services for online distribution.

Clients: Warner Bros, Amazon, Starburst, Skittles, Hefty, Reynolds, Cue the Curves, The Table.


Studio and on-location photography and editing services.

Clients: Neiman Marcus, White Claw, CineCity Studios, Lyric Opera Chicago, DDB, 1871.

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