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Bookstore: Snippets

Web Series. Role: Sam Akins (Lead)

"Bookstore: Snippets" is a proof-of-concept series for the TV show "Bookstore" written by Blair Johnson. Directed by Brady Stanfield, this dramedy follows the moments in the daily lives of the "Speek's crew," a group of five people in their twenties that form when one of them inherits a local bookstore from a deceased comrade. Jay Towns played the lead role of Sam Akins, who inherits the bookstore aforementioned.

"The entire cast and crew were so passionate about the project and fun to work with, and we hope that this is only the beginning of the Bookstore story." - Jay Towns

In October of 2021, Bookstore: Snippets Ep. 1 "But What If, Though?" was nominated for numerous awards at the Chicago Indie Film Festival, including Jay Towns' nomination for Best Actor.

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