SKYY Vodka


Art Direction


SKYY Vodka




SKYY Vodka had a bit of an identity crisis. In a sea of alcoholic drinks, they needed a campaign that centered around their true point of difference - their ocean-enhanced minerals which make SKYY a prime mixing drink. Not wanting to lose brand equity in their iconic blue bottle design, they needed a way to convert their product-based messaging into an emotional one.


Combining stylized editorial photography with minimal design elements, and in collaboration with some of the best creatives in the business, I created an iconic and cohesive visual language to use in OOH placements. This visual language extended from the campaign tagline, "Add a Splash of Character," by centering each placement around an individual known for their personality and character. This art/copy combo served a dual purpose: not only as a clever way to describe the added flavor - or character - that SKYY brings to a mixed drink, but also as a rally for the consumer to add a bit of intrigue into their everyday lives.