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Creative Arts Department




Creative Arts Department (CAD) is pivoting its primary service from content creation to nonprofit branding consultation. Working exclusively with nonprofit leaders, CAD needs to specify their ideal client and sustainably provide value to scale business prospects and expand product offerings.


Consultation + Audit

I worked closely with CAD's Executive Director to pinpoint key areas of growth within the business. Through this consultation period, I conducted a comprehensive audit of CAD's current brand voice, messaging sentiment, marketing approach, and alignment of product. I identified three key areas on which to focus during our contracted period.

Creative Solutions Implementation

After agreeing on our plan of action, I first revamped CAD's mission statement to focus on their target client, the nonprofit leader. The entirety of the CAD brand, messaging, and offerings are filtered through one statement. Next, I refined the brand-level copy across all brand touchpoints, including website copy and social media profiles. Finally, I implemented two brand-owned content distribution channels - a native blog and a weekly newsletter - to engage new leads and build trust with those in the CAD funnel.


To empower every nonprofit leader to clarify and pursue their vision.


Your vision is our reality.

Brand manifesto

Nonprofit leaders are the visionaries of a better future, but many fall short of that vision because the roadmap is unclear. At Creative Arts Department, we believe that a leader can accomplish anything with the right strategy. By developing sustainable frameworks for nonprofit branding and communication, we help nonprofit leaders clarify their vision and implement actionable strategies to attain their goals.When nonprofits win, we all win. Let’s win together.

Content Distribution

Native Blog

Hosted on the CAD website, this blog is the manifestation of long-form value accrued by the Executive Director over his 10+ years in nonprofit leadership. The topics on this blog provide a free resource to the nonprofit community while driving traffic to the CAD website in the process.

Weekly Newsletter (Monday Memo)

The Monday Memo delivers bite-sized thought starters and challenges directly to the inbox of nonprofit leaders who are looking for inspiration to start their week. The info is insightful, snackable, and leaves a personal sentiment with the reader.