BiC Kids








Kids everywhere are having their creativity stifled by rules. BiC Kids wanted to champion kids' creativity by developing a platform that encourages them to be themselves and celebrates them for who they are - mistakes and all. The challenge of the work lies in finding the balance between the intentional and the playful.


As the visual platform developed clarity, the copy felt like it was still missing the mark. After shifting the campaign hook from "Let Them Draw," which embodies the adult persona, to "Let Us Draw," which championed the individual child, the work found its stride. I wrote the manifesto which later became the script for the 30s launch film.


“Color inside the lines.”

We’ve all heard it before.

But who made the lines in the first place,

And why do the lines get to tell us kids what to do?

The world tries to shape the way we imagine.

But what if there were no rules

No instructions

no lines?

That’s the world that Bic wants to create.

A world that values expression over execution

Where the only thing that’s stopping us

Is actually nothing.

You know, it’s crazy what can happen when you just let us draw.

Bic Kids. Let Us Draw.