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NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2021

Directed by Hannah Lindvall, Edited by Jay Towns, Production Design by Hannah Lindvall and Rachel Philips

Jay Towns and Hannah Lindvall decided to put their collaboration muscles to the test by submitting a couplet of performances to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2021.

The track, Temporary Bliss, is a Jay Towns original, and this is its official debut and first recorded copy. The video, beautifully prod designed by Lindvall with help from Rachel Philips, caught the eye of NPR's team, as the selection was featured in an article on NPR's website titled "Jazz Night In America's 2021 Tiny Desk Contest Entries. NPR believes Towns' performace "[showcased] a breezy ease with his buttery smooth baritone." He is accompanied by pianist Josh Lev and Guitarist Ethan Shanfeld.

The second track, Cry Me A River, is a live performance of the single from Towns' self-produced album 2K (2020). Accompanied once again by Lev and Shanfeld, he delivers a wide range of vocal agility in the demanding track.

These videos were later repurposed to be submitted to Northwestern University's virtual Battle of the Bands and was watched by over 100 live viewers.

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