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Directed and Edited by Hannah Lindvall

"Houdini" by Jay Towns takes the "magic of music" to a whole new level. Reminiscent of a pop-rap style made popular by artists like Post Malone and Juice WRLD, "Houdini" immediately catches the listener with a catchy hook. "Everything I do, make it look easy/ Work my magic had me looking like Houdini."

In this track, Jay Towns playfully alludes to the various successes he's had in his career thus far, how much work it's taken, and how easy it looks from the outside.

The music video, directed, shot, and edited by Hannah Lindvall, tells the story of a not-so competent magician and his search for a significant other (Gabi Leibowitz). This video takes place in a number of places, including a film studio and the streets of downtown Chicago. This music video had many other locations that were captured and later cut out to preserve the simplicity of the piece. "Houdini" is available to stream wherever you listen to music.

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