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Performed and Produced by Jay Towns

On June 19, 2020, Jay Towns released his debut album titled "2K" after his birth year (2000). This album was completely self made -- written, produced, and recorded during the initial months of quarantine induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Jay spent approximately 250 hours working on this album from start to finish from April to June, which averaged out to at least 3 hours a day of work.

"2K" features 8 tracks, 3 of which were previously released as singles leading up to the album release. Spanning many different genres, from soul, to pop, to hip-hop, "2K" was more of a pouring out of creative energy than a typical, aesthetically cohesive album.

The album, although not necessarily widely successful in terms of reach, was extremely successful in terms of what it did for Jay Towns' brand as an artist. For many of his followers and fans, who mostly came from his other projects such as his YouTube channel or his involvement in the Chicago theatre scene, "2K" was the first time that they experienced anything close to his personal life. This album allowed Jay to be vulnerable in front of his audience while simultaneously empowering him to continue making music and finding his voice in this new, exciting territory.

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