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Directed, Edited, and Produced by Jay Towns

The track "19" is a fast-paced hip-hop track detailing some experiences that Jay Towns had while he was 19 years old. The track features witty, fast-paced lyricism, a banging trap beat, and some funny anecdotes.

On a whim, Jay Towns decided to post an open call for a Director of Photography to shoot a music video to compliment the track. He was met with a swift reply from DP extraordinaire, Jacob Cushman, who was eager to rendezvous after having not collaborated in many years. After mounting the fantastic assistant director Bennett Petersen onto the project, they had all they needed to make the video a success. The music video primarily utilized 3 locations, one of which was Jay Towns' high school alma mater, Schaumburg Christian School. The rest of the video was shot in various Evanston areas, and the project came together quite nicely, racking up more than a thousand views in the first month of its release.

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