creative director

As a Creative Director, I have worked on projects such as video content, magazine designs, brand campaigns, and more. With each project requiring a different approach, my process varies depending on the needs of the client. Below are examples of my work as a Creative Director and some details about each individual project.

Blackboard Magazine: The Joy Issue

BlackBoard Magazine is Northwestern University's Black interest magazine and releases about once quarterly. As Creative Director, my primary objective is to curate the visual cohesion of the issue by collaborating with the design, photo, and editorial teams. I worked closely with a team of designers to visually bring the themes of the editorial pieces to life. The final product, The Joy Issue, was the result of many hours of creativity, collaboration and InDesign/Photoshop. Feel free to scroll through The Joy Issue on the left.

Lawless forge:
visual rebranding

Lawless Forge is a Seattle-based forging company that teaches forgery classes and produces high-quality cast-iron utensils. In collaboration with designer Ben Yost, I photographed and curated photos that guided the rebranding of Lawless Forge and its online presence. You can now find my photos in Lawless Forge's brick & mortar locations as interior decoration, as well as on their new promotional assets. Click any photo to expand.