The Home 

"The Home" TV Series Logo. Dir. Darren Zancan. Prod. DMZ Productions. Shooting Summer 2021.

Jay Towns' first venture into series TV, "The Home" by Darren Zancan, is surely starting off strong. Cast as the principal role of "Jerome," Jay Towns plays an integral role in telling the story of "The Home."

Produced by DMZ Productions in Richmond, KY, "The Home" tells the story of the antics of the employees at a 1-star nursing home. Love, drama, and a LOT of humor ensues. With the first season slated to shoot during Summer 2021, "The Home" plans to make itself a household name in the homes of comedy lovers everywhere.

More info coming soon.

 Good Enough: The musical 

"Good Enough: The Musical" Logo. Dir. Mike Spears. Prod. Adam Boltz. Shooting Sumer 2021. 

Originating the lead role of Jamal Woodard, Jay Towns tackles his first musical film, "Good Enough: The Musical," written and directed by Mike Spears and produced by Adam Boltz. A story of love, basketball, and everything in between, this story follows Jamal on his journey to accepting himself - even if those around him may not.

Originally slated to be performed as a stage musical, Good Enough has taken many forms as a story. The musical film will be supplemented by the Original Cast Recording, featuring the film cast and produced by Spears himself. With shooting dates slated for June-July of 2021, Good Enough has big plans - and the means to make them happen. More info will be available soon.

 We'll Be Straight (Ft. G Herbo) 

"We'll Be Straight (ft. G Herbo) by Lil Zay Osama. Dir. Lawrence Mahone.

Jay Towns makes his debut in another artist's music video with a statement - playing opposite Lil Zay Osama and G Herbo in "We'll Be Straight" - which has now amassed over 1 million views on YouTube. Directed by Lawrence Mahone of Tryptich Visuals, this music video is some of the best filmography done for either artist - and Jay was honored to be cast in on the mix.

The turnaround on Jay Towns' involvement in this video was very quick; Lawrence had reached out to Jay 12 hours before the video shoot - 2 hours after Jay had landed in O'Hare airport coming from Orlando. When an opportunity like this arises, though, one would be foolish not to take it. "We'll Be Straight" is available to stream wherever you listen to music.

 Bookstore: snippets 

"Bookstore: Snippets" Set. BTS photos by Leah Wellman. 

"Bookstore: Snippets" is a proof-of-concept series for the TV show "Bookstore" written by Blair Johnson. Directed by Brady Stanfield, this dramedy follows the moments in the daily lives of the "Speek's crew," a group of five people in their twenties that form when one of them inherits a local bookstore from a deceased comrade. Jay Towns played the lead role of Sam Akins, who inherits the bookstore aforementioned.

"The entire cast and crew were so passionate about the project and fun to work with, and we hope that this is only the beginning of the Bookstore story." - Jay Towns

In October of 2021, Bookstore: Snippets Ep. 1 "But What If, Though?" was nominated for numerous awards at the Chicago Indie Film Festival, including Jay Towns' nomination for Best Actor.

 the morning after 

The Morning After

"The Morning After" Set. BTS Photos by Viveka Herzum.

"The Morning After" is a twelve-minute short film about a young woman who must take Plan B for the first time - waking up to anxiety, fears, and womanhood. Jay Towns played the role of Freddie, the lead role Maia's best friend who comforts her in her time of distress.

"This film was a pleasure to work on, and I developed quite an appreciation for the writer/director, Solveig Herzum, and the entirety of her crew. The story being told was an important one, and I was honored to help it unfold." - Jay Towns







"Spamalot," Prod. Jessica Nekritz, Dir. Jon Toussaint, Photos by Justin Barbin.

Monty Python's "Spamalot" is a show that was adapted from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," a comedic send-up of the grim circumstances of the Middle Ages as told through the story of King Arthur. Jay Towns played the principal role of "King Arthur." Directed by Jon Toussaint, this Lover's and Madmen theatre production featured a large ensemble and an equally large production team. The show's producer, Jessica Nekritz, did such an exemplary job at promoting and fundraising for the show that we were able to offer free admission to the show.

 winnie the pooh


"Winnie the Pooh," Prod. ImagineU Northwestern, Dir. Nate Cohen, Photos by Justin Barbin.

"Winnie the Pooh," a stage adaptation of the stories by A.A. Milne, was directed by Northwestern MFA student Nate Cohen. A musical compilation of various stories from the original text, this production featured live music and onesies, which have never been known to be a bad combination. Jay Towns played the principal role of "Winnie," and also played the guitar throughout the show. The cast also performed exclusive performances in collaboration with ImagineU and the Evanston Township district for children at the Evanston Public Library.